Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP)

In 1994, voters in the Elsmere Fire District approved, and the Board of Fire Commissioners adopted, a Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) for the volunteer firefighters of the Elsmere Fire Company A, Inc. This program requires our volunteer firefighters to be active participants in activities that are approved or required by the Elsmere Fire District.

A firefighter must accumulate a minimum of 50 participation points each year in order to earn service credit for that year. Points are granted for participation in training, emergency response and other activities that make the volunteer a valuable member of our organization. After 5 years, the firefighter earns a vested annual benefit, payable when the member reaches age 65. This program, in addition to other efforts by the Elsmere Fire Company’s Recruitment & Retention Committee, has resulted in the Fire District’s ability to attract younger members and retain more experienced members. The Fire District, unlike many other volunteer organizations, benefits from a full compliment of 80 volunteer firefighters with a waiting list most of the time.