Hazardous Materials Response

The Elsmere Fire District is a member of the Albany County Hazardous Materials Response Team under the Albany County Mutual Aid Agreement. The Department is responsible for responding as a hazardous materials decontamination team with the West Albany Fire Department and has firefighters trained to respond to Level B hazardous materials incidents.

The threat of hazardous materials incidents increases each day as more materials are used by industry and shipped on our highways. The Elsmere Fire District has 11 firefighters trained at the Hazardous Materials Command level, 36 firefighters trained at the Hazardous Materials Technician level to respond to Level B incidents and to provide technical decontamination, 56 firefighters trained at the First Responder Operational level and 68 trained to respond at the First Responder Awareness level. Hazardous Materials Technicians are trained to provide mass decontamination for casualties.