Firefighter Training

The Elsmere Fire District, through its Chief Officers and the Company’s Fire Line Officers, boasts a comprehensive firefighter training program. In addition to weekly drills covering a variety of basic and advanced firefighting topics, members are encouraged to attend training classes conducted outside the regular drill schedule. Examples of this additional training include NYS sponsored fire training courses, firematic organization seminars, schools, meetings, on-line fire and technical matter, and self improvement courses.

Elsmere firefighters are required to attend at least 20 weekly drills and a required number of alarms throughout the year in order to remain in active service.

In 2017, over 4,260 man-hours were spent in weekly training at the firehouse or the Kevin M. Shea Memorial Training Facility. 755 man-hours were spent in training classes outside of the Fire District’s weekly drill schedule.

Volunteers responded to 406 alarms for a total of 4,211 emergency man-hours in 2017.