Elsmere Fire Company Elects Officers for 2018

Thursday, December 07, 2017

The Elsmere Fire Company held Annual Election of Officers on December 7, 2017 and the following members were elected to office for 2018.....

The Company Nominated, and the Board of Fire Commissioners appointed, the following District Officers for 2018:

Chief: Francis J. Wickham

1st Assistant Chief: Robert C. Baldwin

2nd Assistant Chief: Marc F. Futia

Also, the Company Elected the following Company Line Officers for 2018:

Captain: Jeffrey M. Obernesser

1st Lieutenant: Michael A. Moon

2nd Lieutenant: Donald J. Ballard

3rd Lieutenant: William J. Yates

4th Lieutenant: Steven M. Taylor

Fire Police Lieutenant: Stephen R. Wright

Finally, the Company Elected the following Civil Officers for 2018:

President: John C. Murphy

Vice-President: Timothy C. Hannigan

Treasurer: Robert C. Johnson

Secretary: Alexander J. Pope

Quartermaster: Matthew H. Grant

Director (3 Year Term Expiring 12/31/20): Frank C. Heuer

Chaplain: Rev. James Daley

Lay Chaplains: Joseph M. Catalano, Matthew H. Grant, John T. Pregent, Jr., and Kenneth E. Zigrosser