Elsmere Fire Company Assists Bethlehem Food Pantry

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

"At our Installation event back in January, Commissioner Joe Catalano shared a quote from someone that went something like "...not every day presents us with an opportunity to save a life but each day gives us an opportunity to touch someone's life...". That sentiment was never more evident than last Friday as members of Elsmere Fire Company took some time from their busy schedules to assist the Bethlehem Food Pantry in moving several tons of food generously donated over the previous month by Town residents through the postal carrier food collection effort."

"The work crew had no pre-plan nor any idea of what to expect when they arrived. Needless to say, when confronted with the mountain of food it seemed a daunting task. Then, Elsmere Fire did it's thing. Lt Wright secured the street, Lt. Moon and other members sized up the situation and came up with a plan. Matt and Frank were dispatched to bring the box trailer that was setup and ready to go the day before (thanks Don and whoever else made that happen). What seemed so daunting upon arrival was dispatched with in less than one and a half hours. Teamwork, determination, muscle and sweat, just another day at the office for Elsmere Fire Company A. This was all done without diminishing our ability to support our core mission of fire protection as Lt. Moon made sure we had Engine 31 staffed and ready to go should the need have arisen.

The food we moved will help support the Food Pantry's mission for several months. No we didn't put out any fires, save any lives, or educate someone about fire safety but in some small way we touched someone's life today and every day that the collected food makes its way to those in need.

Proud to be a member of an organization that steps up to the plate and delivers."

President John C. Murphy

Photos Courtesy of Scott E. Anson