Good Samaritans Cited for Bravery in Daring Car Fire Rescue

UPDATE: Bethlehem Police have released new details in a rollover crash in Delmar Saturday.

Police said Timothy Berry, 48, of Albany was traveling south on the Delmar Bypass with his child in the vehicle, when he suffered a medical condition and lost control of the vehicle. It left the roadway, overturned, and caught fire.

Occupants of another vehicle traveling behind Berry's saw the crash and stopped to assist, as they saw the vehicle catch fire, police said.

Ludwik Branach and Wieslaw Szczutowski, both of Brooklyn, rushed to Berry's vehicle and were able to break the windows and assist the two occupants to safety, just as the fire was entering the interior of the vehicle.

branach suffered a minir injury from rbaking glass and was treated at the scene. Berry was transported to Albany Medical Center for evaluation.

The Bethlehem Police Department credits Branach and Szczutowski for taking immediate action and preventing the occupants from suffering serious injuries.

DELMAR -- Two passers-by pulled the victims of a crash from their vehicle Saturday -- just as the car caught fire.

Elsmere Assistant Fire Chief John Zboray said the call came in at about 2:30 p.m. for a car that had struck a tree and rolled on Route 32. Zboray said when the call came in, it was reported that there was a patient in the car. By the time the department arrived on scene, the occupants of the vehicle had been extracted by civilians who had seen the overturned car, and the car was fully involved in flames.

The fire department extinguished the vehicle, and no serious injuries were reported.