Wayne R Johnson

The 2016 Chief Kevin M Shea Participation Award was presented to longtime member Wayne R Johnson....

Wayne joined the Elsmere Fire Company in March of 1961 and became an active firefighter in April 1961. He served as an active member until March 1967 at which time he moved out of the Town of Bethlehem and was granted Exempt status. He returned to the Town and rejoined the Company as an active firefighter in July 1967. He remains active today after 55 years of service. Wayne has served both the District and the Company as an officer:

Company Offices:

Elected Director (3 Year Term) on April 5, 1968, April 6, 1978, and April 3, 1980

Elected 4th Lieutenant on October 29, 1970

Elected Secretary on April 8, 1971 and April 7, 1977

Elected President on April 6, 1972, April 5, 1973, April 4, 1964, April 3, 1975, and April 8, 1976

District Offices:

Elected Commissioner (5 Year Term) on December 1, 1982, December 1, 1987, December 8, 1992, and December 1, 1997 

Building Custodian since 6/1/1998 

Testamentary Letter

This award is named in honor of Chief Shea who suffered a Line of Duty Death on January 24, 2004 while serving as Chief of Department.

It is awarded annually to a Firefighter who shows true Dedication and sets an example of Volunteer Service to the Elsmere Fire Company. The recipient shall show a high level of attendance responding to emergency incidents, participating in weekly department drills, company meetings, special details, and attending outside training courses.

We are very proud of the Elsmere Firefighters that have been honored in his memory since 2005.

This year's winner has a LONG RECORD!!!

Our recipient has been serving the community since the early 1960's. Over this time he has held many fire company offices including serving as President of the Company for five years. He has also served as a fire officer and fire commissioner for more than fifteen years.

I would like to recognize Wayne Johnson as our 2016 Chief Kevin M. Shea Annual Participation Award recipient.

Here are the details that factored into this selection:

During 2015 Wayne responded to 238 of the 427 total incidents, which is 55% of our total number of calls. A large number of these calls Wayne served as apparatus operator of "Jolly Ollie", also known as Engine 31 or behind the wheel of Truck 30.

In addition to his incident response record, he participated in 41 drills, 12 meetings, 22 other events such as outside training courses, fund raising, fire prevention details, and other miscellaneous activities. This was a total of 275 hours of service to the community. That's 34 man days.

While investigating Wayne's past service it was found that some years his incident participation was even higher than 55%. Also found was that since 1995, Wayne has responded to 2,183 calls and has logged a total of 4,173 hours serving the Elsmere Fire Company and the Community of the Town of Bethlehem.

Congratulations Wayne!

Fire Company Inspection Dinner -- May 7, 2016