Fire Police Lieutenant Stephen R. Wright

This year's recipient of the Kevin M. Shea Participation Award is no rookie. Having over thirty years of service and dedication to this organization, he is one of the reasons we are the "Pride of Bethlehem". This person, over the course of his career, has held various positions on the Company side, including serving as President for several years. He has truly put Elsmere's name out, not only in our county, but surrounding areas as well.

From being heavily involved in firematic organizations, running conventions, playing in a band and spearheading the County's R & R Committee, this person has accomplished more than a lot of us put together. The time and devotion that he has put in is what a true volunteer is, which is the same mindset that Kevin had. This person was one of Kevin's good friends.

This past year, he led the Company in fire call attendance (249 out of 376, or 66%). He also switched gears from his long civil officer career to the fire line side, being elected Fire Police Lieutenant. I could go on and on, but we all know that without this individual, our Company probably wouldn’t be where it is today.

So, this year’s winner of the Kevin M. Shea Participation Award is Stephen R. Wright.

Chief William H. Webb, Jr.