Past Chief William H. Webb

The recipient of the 2013 Kevin M. Shea Firematic Participation Award joined the Company in June 1985.

While not being the top responder to calls in 2012, he certainly was an over-achiever in all other areas of training, participation, and leadership of the Department. In fact, through the past nine years as Chief, William H. Webb, Jr. has stepped up and led the department from one of the darkest days in the Company's history. Bill has served with the utmost dedication and commitment to the Company, and mirrored the high standards of fire service work of Chief Kevin M. Shea, for whom this award was created.

Chief Webb began his service as Company Treasurer, and then progressed through the ranks from 3rd Lieutenant all the way to Chief. During this time he has earned numerous accolades and awards including Firefighter of the Year (twice) and most recently for participation in the response to Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

Congratulations to Past Chief William H. Webb.