Wayne R. Johnson

Wayne R. Johnson joined the Elsmere Fire Company on March 24, 1961 and became an active firefighter on April 4th of that same year.

He remained active until March 14, 1967, at which time he moved out of Town and became an exempt member. He held exempt status until July 15, 1967 when he returned to Elsmere and resumed duties as an active firefighter. He was recognized on March 8, 2011 for his fifty years of service during ceremonies at the N.A. Blanchard Post #1040.

Wayne was elected as a Director of the Fire Company on April 5, 1968. On October 29, 1970 he assumed the office of 4th Lieutenant. On April 8, 1971 Wayne was elected Company Secretary. He served as the Company's President from April 6, 1972 until April 7, 1977 at which time he resumed duties as Secretary of the Company. He was elected to three year terms as Director on April 6, 1978 and April 3, 1980. On December 1, 1982, Wayne was elected to the office of Fire Commissioner of the Elsmere Fire District and held that office until June 1, 1998. Wayne has been a qualified pump operator, getting the District's fire apparatus to emergency scenes for the past fifty years. He is a past Treasurer and Life Member of the Hudson Mohawk Volunteer Fireman's Association and a member of the Albany County Volunteer Fireman's Association. He was also the recipient of the Kenneth E. McNary Achievement Award in 1998. His current responsibilities include serving as Deputy Secretary-Treasurer of the Elsmere Fire District and as the District's Custodian.