Past President John C. Murphy

Past President John C. Murphy was honored as Elsmere Fire Company's 2019 Firefighter of the Year at a ceremony conducted at the NA Blanchard Post #1040 on March 4, 2019....

This year’s recipient is a great firefighter and leader.Willing to take on numerous responsibilities without the title or pay, this candidate exemplifies the positive characteristics of a member of the fire service and one who has a notable record of service and achievements. Our recipient is a professional and has exceptional work ethics, always remembering to represent the department in a positive light in public.Our selection this year is presented to an individual who has given selflessly of himself in support of the department, the fire service in general and the community.

He has been an active member of our Company for 20 years.And has been a true example of demonstrating the characteristics worthy of this prestigious award.After joining Elsmere in January of 1999, he has seized every opportunity to develop himself and further his knowledge and skills to become the very best at what a firefighter does. This individual has demonstrated the highest degree of dedication and participation to activities within the Elsmere Fire Department including community outreach, fire response, public education and other fire department operations.This individual supports others efforts to achieve the goals of the fire service, and engages in activities aimed at improvements in our department and our community.Our recipient this year always goes beyond the normal duties of his position and has made visible improvements that have enhanced Elsmere’s ability to better serve the community.Understanding that a strong membership is vital to the success of any organization, he worked tirelessly at increasing and improving our active and social membership, and has helped us maintain our department at a capacity level.Our recipient also realizes the significance of giving back to a community that has so generously supported our department.Each year he works with the Bethlehem food pantry to help coordinate the delivery of the numerous amounts of food donated to the pantry, and encourages our membership to give generously from what they have to support our residents who are most in need. And he performs this task in a manner that demonstrates the competency that reflects the highest standards of the Elsmere Fire Department and proves his ability to lead.

Our recipient was also involved in a new endeavor this year helping to create a bunk-in program to solicit additional members while they are away at school and assist our Department as well as the Town with extra manpower to protect our residents.He continues to work on this committee and is focused on its continued growth and success.

He was elected as a Director in 2007 and for the past 11 years has served on Elsmere’s Company Board.He began his 12th year in January where he continues to assist with the leadership and administration of our Company.Many of the policies, procedures, regulations and guidelines currently in place today include his guiding hand and input.During his tenure as a board member, he has voted on many issues and concerns that typically arise in volunteer organizations, and his commitment and dedication to the Elsmere Fire Company has been unwavering in each instance.

As this recipient is retired, you would expect that his drill attendance and fire call totals would be proportionally lower, however, his dedication and passion for volunteering has kept his fire call totals in the top ten for our department for many years, including this past year.This passion is deeply rooted, and easily recognized.

As I stated earlier, this award requires three characteristics; Dedication, professionalism and Concern. Our recipient has demonstrated these traits throughout his entire tenure with Elsmere in what he says and what he does.

It is my great pleasure to present this special award to this distinct member; ladies and gentlemen, please join me in honoring John Murphy, as this year’s recipient of the Firefighter of the Year.