Captain Robert C. Baldwin, Jr.

Captain Robert C. Baldwin, Jr. was honored as Elsmere Fire Company A's Firefighter of the Year at a ceremony on March 4th at the NA Blanchard Post 1040. Please click "Read More" to see comments by President John C. Murphy during the presentation of the award...

March 4, 2013

Nathaniel Adams Blanchard Post 1040
16 West Poplar Drive
Delmar, New York  12054

Commander Reidel,

The Elsmere Fire Company A would like thank the members of the Nathaniel Adams Blanchard Post 1040 for this opportunity to put the men and women of the Town of Bethlehem Emergency Services in the spotlight by allowing us to recognize an individual that epitomizes our collective commitment to the public safety of all who live, work, or play in this wonderful community. In addition, the members of Elsmere Fire Company A would like to publicly thank the Legion 1040 Post and all of its associated units for being such good neighbors throughout the year(s). 

This year we are proud to acknowledge a member who came to us from the Albany County Recruitment Program and has been an active firefighter for 14 years.  Joining the Company as a probie at the end of 1999 he subsequently underwent four years of scrutiny and vetting by his peers which resulted in his election to the position of 4th Lieutenant in 2004. In 2006, he was elected 2nd Lieutenant and served in this capacity for one year.  The year 2007 saw his ascension to the rank of 1st Lieutenant which he held for 5 years until this past year when he was elevated by his fellow members to the rank of Captain. Along the way, he obtained his masters degree with a perfect 4.00 GPA, worked as an EMT with the Ambulance Services, joined the ranks of Bethlehem’s Finest, married his sweetheart and moved into a home around the corner from the firehouse. Since then, it’s been midnight shifts for the Finest and daytime runs with the Bravest, a double bonus for those of us that live in Bethlehem. At Elsmere, there is no better role model for us than someone who is humble and modest, who constantly strives to improve his knowledge and skill set towards the betterment of the organization; someone with vision who is also a good listener, has a sense of humor and can be decisive when necessary; a person of integrity, always willing to help someone else succeed.  From year to year chance will randomly knock at fellow responder’s doors with life altering events for those we serve.  The challenge for all of us is to be ready when it’s our door that receives the knock, with chance asking if we are ready to be someone’s best last hope. This year of 2013, our membership is recognizing a talented individual who has committed himself to the business of public safety and through dedication and hard work stands absolutely ready for the knock on the door whether he is behind the wheel  of his police cruiser or riding as an officer on a pumper.  A leader on the fire ground and at the firehouse,  Captain  Robert C. Baldwin Jr.

Respectfully submitted,
John C. Murphy, President
Elsmere Fire Company A, Inc.