Terence S. Hannigan

Terry Hannigan is a thirteen year veteran of the Elsmere Fire Department. He came to us with experience from a previous membership in Carmen Fire Department. He was also an Explorer for Niagara County Sheriff's Office. Terry has been an Emergency Medical Technician since he was seventeen years old.

He worked for the Capital District Ambulance service while he put himself through law school. He graduated from Albany Law School in 1985. Terry has received several citations for assisting in the reversal of cardiac arrests. Terry has acted as Counsel for the Elsmere Fire District for many years and was instrumental in reforming Line of Duty Death (LODD) benefit legislation. A number of fire and EMS families have benefited from his efforts, including the family of Chief Kevin M. Shea after his LODD in 2004. He is also a very active member of the Department's Public Education Committee. He has served on the Town of Bethlehem 20/20 Committee, which is a Committee charged with studying Bethlehem's needs for the future. In the background, Terry has always made himself available to help fellow firefighters with legal questions or help with a legal issue.