Robert C. Johnson

This year's award is presented to an individual whose performance best exemplifies the characteristics of dedication, professionalism, and concern for fellow firefighters as well as maintaining the spirit of the Elsmere Fire Company by exhibiting a high level of commitment to the Fire Company and Community.

We first met this year's recipient in 1992. We were introduced by past Chief and past Town Supervisor Bob Hendrick. He had agreed to help in the planning and execution of the Town of Bethlehem's Bi-Centennial Celebration. Shortly after the end of this task he joined the Fire Company. With ten years of service, he has been an officer of the Fire Company for six years, serving as Treasurer. With a tireless energy, Bob makes sure every aspect of the job as treasurer is done correctly. Bob has updated and computerized all of the Fire Co.'s financial records. While applying for the necessary permits to host the 2004 Convention of the Albany County and Hudson Mohawk Firematic Associations, Bob found an error. An error of enormous magnitude that had taken place in the early history of the Fire Company. Facing the possibility of daily fines that could devastate our financial status, Bob worked with State and Federal officials until the problem was corrected. Ultimately we were not fined. To date all State and Federal guidelines have been met, and the financial future of the Fire Company has been secured. 'As a fire police officer, Bob can always be found in the streets protecting the firefighters from drivers unaware of their presence. Bob is there in any type of weather to do the task assigned to him. Bob has also volunteered and worked on many other community events. He was instrumental in the Bethlehem Feestilik, the Veteran's Memorial, and Town of Bethlehem Senior Services to name a few. He served as a member of the Town Board and was awarded Citizen of the Year by the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce in 1999. It is with great pleasure on behalf the Elsmere Fire Company A Inc. that I present Robert C. Johnson with the 16th Annual Kenneth E. McNary Achievement Award.