Richard S. Webster

The 2004 McNary award goes to an individual who is a friend of everyone. He is a thirty year member of the Fire Company, and a Past Chief.

Ricky Webster joined in 1974 and was instrumental in forming the drill team. As ambassadors to the Fire Company Rick and the team traveled the state promoting the friendship and firemanship mantra of Central New York. Ricky grew up around the firehouse while his Dad, Fred, climbed the ladder of offices to become Chief. He would sometimes ride to fires in the Chief's car of that day with his Dad. Ricky climbed the same ladders of office and held the position of Chief from 1992 until 1997. Like his Dad, Rick is now a Commissioner, and they both now have their names inscribed on the McNary Cup. Ricky knows the spirit of what Elsmere is about. Through the many offices held, he has tried to keep that spirit and continuity within the organization. Rick truly loves the fire service, and the Elsmere Fire Company. His dedication and work over the years has helped make Elsmere what it is today. The Pride of Bethlehem! Congratulations to the 15th annual Kenneth E. McNary Achievement Award Winner Richard S. Webster.