Paul L. Martin

This year we are giving this award to an outstanding member who during the past 37 years has demonstrated himself as one of the most respectable firefighters of the Company....

After joining Elsmere in 1979, he has seized every opportunity to develop himself and further his knowledge and skills to become the very best at what a firefighter does. Five years after he joined, he took the pump operators class and began driving all of the apparatus, providing safety, support and experience to all of our incidents. He continues to take classes in his current role demonstrating the importance of education and significance of always improving your skills.

Nine years ago, this member experienced the tragic loss of his son while serving his country in Iraq. The love this recipient selflessly gave to his brothers and sisters was immediately reciprocated by his Elsmere family during this extremely difficult time. And despite this unthinkable loss, our recipient continued to remain as an active firefighter and serve the residents in his community, as well as the world with his ambitious Uncle Shawn Hug’s mission of making blanket for poor children each year. The following year he was elected as a Director, and continued to assist with the leadership and administration of our Company. In the past few years, our recipient experienced some health issues which would have made others less like to remain active, but his tireless commitment to his Fire Company and its mission keeps him as active today as he was 37 years ago. As I stated earlier, this award requires three characteristics; Dedication, professionalism and Concern. Our recipient has demonstrated these traits throughout his entire tenure with Elsmere in what he says and what he does

It is my great pleasure to present this special award to this special member; ladies and gentlemen, please join me in honoring this gentlemen Paul L. Martin as this year’s recipient of the Kenneth E McNary Achievement Award.