John E. Brennan

This year the award goes to a person who has made a definite impact on the Fire Company and the Fire Service. He is a 28-year member who we know as Jack. His wife knows him as John. Others know him as Senator. He has been called "Jackie the Jokeman" by some and "Action Jackson" by others.

Jack served three terms as Vice-President of the Fire Company and was Company President for three terms. As President, in 1982, he led us through our first Albany County Convention and helped us to build a respectable Treasury. Later, Jack identified a need of the Fire Company and made arrangements for us to purchase our first bus. We have gone from that little red bus to a beautiful new coach that carries the inscription identifying us as the "Pride of Bethlehem", and "Proud to Have Served at Ground Zero"

'departments, where we are able to see how the FDNY or Boston Fire Departments operate. We have seen major dispatching facilities in Boston, training facilities in Nassau, and the super pumper in NewYork. We have been on private tours around the Boston Harbor and the New York harbor in the shadows of the World Trade Center on a fireboat. Jack also made arrangements for us to have dinner in NYC with the number one firefighter in command of Manhattan, Vincent Dunn.' In 1988 Jack was appointed Director of the Bethlehem Office of Emergency Management, or BEMO and still holds that title today. That was the beginning of a new direction for Jack because in 1992 he became Chairman of Albany County Local Emergency Planning Committee. Also, in the same year he was appointed Deputy Fire Coordinator of Albany County. In 1993 he became Deputy Director of Albany County Office of Emergency Management. Jack currently holds the title of Albany County Fire Coordinator, and has since 1996. As Coordinator he oversees many Deputies and is ultimately responsible for the County's preparedness for fire emergencies. Some of the other facets of this job include the Haz Mat program, J-Fire, Recruitment and Retention, Altamont Fair Educational Center and the County Fire Instructors, where he oversees the County Fire Training program. It is because of Jack's many years of dedication to the fire service, both locally and countywide, that I am proud to present the 13th annual Kenneth E. McNary Achievement Award to John E. Brennan.