James B. Hogan, Jr.

This years award goes to a member with 30 years of service. He always wanted to be a firefighter and had encouragement from his wife after moving to Poplar Drive. After being a member for only one year, he was elected Vice-President of the Fire Company. He served in that capacity for one year. Taking his professional insights and encouragement from some late night meetings at Dick Hendrick's house he decided to run for the office of Fire District Commissioner. He served two full five year terms in that office and a partial 3rd term before moving out of the Fire District and forfeiting his seat on the board. He has been a member of the R & R committee since 1989 and served as Chair of the Nomination Committee for many years starting in 1984. Always with a smile, a joke, or a bit of wisdom, he has been a friend to everyone. Congratulations to the 18th Annual Kenneth E. McNary Achievement Award winner, James B. Hogan Jr.