Frederick C. Webster

The Kenneth E. McNary Award was established in 1990 by the Recruitment and Retention Committee in celebration and recognition of Ken's sixty years of active service to the Elsmere Fire Co. The award is presented annually to an individual whose performance best exemplifies the characteristics of dedication, professionalism and concern for fellow firefighters as well as maintaining the spirit of the Elsmere Fire Company by exhibiting a high level of commitment to the Fire Company and the Community.

The award this year goes to an individual who has thirty-eight years of service to the Fire Company. Joining the active roster in 1961, he quickly started in the direction of his future leadership roles. Beginning as Secretary in 1962 and 1963 to the line office of 3rd Lieutenant and next to 2nd Lieutenant and on to Captain in 1966. Elected 2nd Assistant Chief in 1967 and re-elected in 1968, moving up to 1st Assistant Chief in 1969. Throughout much of this time he was also volunteering his services at the Little League Park on lower Kenwood Avenue leading Hilchies Hardware to victory. Elected as Chief in 1972 he served there until 1975 when he resigned to accept an appointment to the Board of Fire Commissioners. For the last twenty-four years he has served as a member of the Board of Fire Commissioners and has been the Chairman of the Board for many. In 1987 he was appointed to serve as a Town Board Member and served in that capacity through the end of 1995. It is his insight and caring that has brought the Fire Company to the respected position achieved, not only in the local community but also the State of New York. With his direction, we have established a Recruitment and Retention Committee long ahead of everyone else. We have also established the Length of Service Awards Program that has been duplicated by many other fire departments. We have Chief's vehicles and apparatus on a budgeted replacement calendar that has given us one the best fleets of fire apparatus in the State. The morale and family feeling of the Fire Company can all be attributed to his caring and attention to details. 1999 Kenneth E. McNary Award winner, the Chairman of the Board, Frederick C. Webster.