Ariel L. Goodrich

This year the award goes to an individual, who is a quiet and unassuming person, always busy with work that no one really knows is taking place. He has been a Treasurer of his church, and has sat on the board of the Good Samaritan Home. For many years he was a coach of the Blue Cross- Blue Shield Babe Ruth Team.

At the firehouse he has worked closely with Chief Costigan to set up a systematic administrative procedure to take the burden of that task off of the officers so they can devote more time to their individual responsibilities. He also does quality control of the fire reports so the proper info is there when the Chief reviews them. He took the updates and recording of points and alarm reporting to NYSOFPC from paper forms to computer software. He also maintains M38 and has been used to check out M39 to be sure that it is up and ready for use if called again by the urban search and rescue team. He established and maintains a checkout system for the radios and radio batteries to eliminate charging and repair problems that affect fireground operations. As Lieutenant of the Fire Police, he pre-plans locations in the fire district and trains on fire police operations. He also chairs the newsletter committee know as the Firehorn where he gathers and edits Company information to go out quarterly. He also has taken on the task of printing the newsletter himself which saves the Fire Company a significant amount of money each year. The Chief says he is lucky to have a fast paced, aggressive, thorough person with private industry experience who knows how to cut through the "BS" and get things done. He is often one step ahead of the Chief's request to do something and stays with the task until it is complete, and he doesn’t pass the buck. Ladies and gentleman may I present the 14th annual Kenneth E. McNary Achievement Award winner, Ariel L. Goodrich.