Programs & Benefits

As an active member of the Elsmere Fire Company “A ” Inc., the firefighting force of the Elsmere Fire District, you are entitled to a number of benefits. Some of these benefits are required by law and others are offered for the general welfare and protection of the firefighting force. In either case, it is the intention of the Elsmere Fire District to afford its fire fighters the best possible benefits and protection package available.

The information contained herein is a brief summary of the programs in effect. Should you or your family want or need additional information, please contact a Chief Officer or the Board of Fire Commissioners at your convenience.

The following information, relative to programs and benefits, pertains to only those firefighters carried as active firefighters by the Elsmere Fire District, unless otherwise noted.

1. Volunteer Firefighters Benefit Law (VFBL)

All active volunteer members serving the Elsmere Fire District, at no cost to the member, are eligible for weekly cash payments, medical and/or hospital care furnished during periods of disability resulting from injury “in the line of duty.” In the case of death from such injury, weekly cash payments to surviving dependents will be made. Amounts of these payments are based on the individual and circumstances. For additional information, please consult the VFBL handout available, or contact the Board of Fire Commissioners.

2. Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP)

This service awards program is offered at no cost to all active members. However, benefits are accrued only upon successful completion of yearly required activities, calculated in points, currently at a minimum of 50 points.

Monthly benefits are payable at age 65 and are based on the number of years of credited service, as noted above.

Contact the Board of Fire Commissioners for additional information.

3. Group Term Life Insurance

The Fire District provides each firefighter with a Group Term Life Insurance policy (all perils).

4. Supplemental Accident and Medical Insurance

This insurance is available, at no cost, to all members of the Elsmere Fire Company “A” Inc., and Ladies Auxiliary members. This insurance compliments VFBL coverage, for active members.

5. Personal Property Reimbursement

Elsmere firefighters will be reimbursed for all regular and reasonable costs for replacement of personal property due to damage occurring while serving at an emergency, drill or training activity.

6. Self Improvement Training

Consideration will be given for the payment for those firefighters who wish to enroll in classes, courses, lectures, programs and other training mediums including personal development that are fire or emergency service related. Permission for such expenditures must be granted prior to enrollment and are totally at the discretion of the Board of Fire Commissioners. See the Chief of Department for additional information.

7. Physical Fitness Development

The Elsmere Fire District maintains a full membership at Planet Fitness for all active members. The Fire District recommends regular physical activity and training, especially cardiovascular training. The Fire District recommends that the member consult his/her physician or the Fire District’s Medical Advisor prior to beginning a physical training program.

8. Supplemental Automobile Insurance

A. Liability

This automobile insurance coverage is a supplemental policy offered by the Fire District to assist the firefighter with losses incurred during response to or return from an emergency, which their personal automobile insurance does not cover.

B. Collision/Comprehensive/Physical Damage

Firefighters will be reimbursed for any losses or damage incurred when operating their vehicle in responding to or returning from an emergency. This coverage is secondary to the member’s own insurance coverage.

C. Towing

Firefighters will be reimbursed an amount not to exceed $2500.00 for towing required as a result of an accident which occurred in responding to or returning from an emergency. This coverage is secondary to the member’s own insurance coverage.

9. Physical Examination

Firefighters will be offered and will be required to submit to annual physical examinations by the Fire Districts Medical Advisor. These physical examinations will include all of the OSHA required testing for the firefighter’s age and physical coordination. The member is encouraged to request the various optional tests that may be offered.

10. Recreational/Social Events

The Elsmere Fire District, when allowed by law, will assist the Elsmere Fire Company with expenses associated with firematic events or programs which, in the estimation of the Board of Fire Commissioners, are in the best interest of firefighters and the residents of the Elsmere Fire District.