Elsmere Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary History

On May 12, 1938, 18 ladies met for the purpose of forming an Auxiliary to the Elsmere Fire Company “A”, Inc. We still meet the purpose of the organization, i.e. to aid and support our firefighters and to perform such services as may be requested by the Elsmere Fire Company A, Inc. and/or Board of Fire Commissioners.

The first fundraising project was ‘Bunko’ which netted the Treasury $11.20. Today our fund raisers include pancake breakfasts. We have prepared and served food and refreshment at fire scenes; prepared dinners for the Company’s Annual Fund Drive and Election of Officers meetings; and throughout the year after their monthly meetings. We package candy and assist with the annual Halloween party. The Auxiliary donated a 20’x30’ American Flag to the Fire Company in memory of Chief Kevin M. Shea who died in line of duty on January 24, 2004. We also donate to local orgranizations and the North County Mission of Hope in Chiqueslistagua, Nicaragua. Our members are remembered when illness or sad times fall upon them.

We have special bonds of friendship with our 34 active, 1 charter and 13 sustaining members and are thankful for the good times shared. We still honor our Charter Members and Past Presidents for the fine examples they have set for us to follow.


Auxiliary Members Only


Mission Statement

To aid and support the firefighters of the Elsmere Fire Company A, Inc. and to perform such services as may be requested by the Elsmere Fire Company A, Inc. and/or its Board of Fire Commissioners of the Elsmere Fire District.

Ladies Auxiliary Celebrates 75 Years of Service

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Elsmere Fire Company A, Inc. is celebrating 75 Years of service to the Elsmere Fire Company and Elsmere Fire District this year. At Inspection ceremonies on May 11, 2013 the Auxiliary was recognized by the Elsmere Fire Company and District, as well as the Ladies Auxiliary of the Firemans Association of the State of New York.


Darlene Wilson


Edrie Pregent


Alice Cirillo

Recording Secretary

Sandy Havens

Corresponding Secretary

Fran Underwood


Past Presidents

Past Presidents and Year(s) Served


Pearle Adams 1938 Dolores Granito 1960-1961 Kathleen Shea 1994-1995
Hazel Saulsbury 1939 Beatrice Potter 1962 Leah McElroy 1996-1997
Tessie Helwig 1940 Anna Mae White 1963 Rose Shea 1998
Lillian Senefski 1941 Janice Blodgett 1964-1965 Alice Cirillo 1999-2000
Mildred Shelmerdine 1942 Barbara Whitney 1966 Nancy Wickham 2001-2002
Louise Cromley 1943 Karen Granito 1967-1968 Darlene Wilson 2003-2004
Pearle Adams 1944 Ann Kleinke 1969-1972 Nancy Wickham 2005-2006
Gladys Smith 1945 Edrie Pregent 1973-1974 Karen Granito 2007-2009
Mabel Pfeif 1946 Ellie Dodane 1975 Isabel Glastetter 2010
Beatrice Potter 1947 Darlene Wilson 1976-1977 Karen Diamond 2011-2013
Dorothy Hopkins Bullion 1948 Ann Kleinke 1978 Isabel Glastetter 2013-2016
Anna Mae White 1949-1950 Marcia Turner 1979-1980 Darlene Wilson
Virginia Clark 1951 Alice Cirillo 1981-1982    
Dorothy Knapp 1952 Linda Watt 1983-1984    
Mabel Pfeif 1953 Edrie Pregent 1985-1986    
Arcola Leonard 1954 Isabel Glastetter 1987    
Barbara Whitney 1955 Alice Cirillo 1988-1989    
Margaret Ryan 1956-1957 Carolyn Kaufman 1990-1991    
Catherine Gifford 1958 Ann Marie Costigan 1992    
Anna Mae White 1959 Darlene Wilson 1993    

The following Officers were elected at their November Meeting to Serve in 2018:

Darlene Wilson (President)

Edrie Pregent (Vice-President)

Alice Cirillo (Recording Secretary)

Sandy Havens (Corresponding Secretary)

Fran Underwood (Treasurer)