Join the Elsmere Fire Company

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Active Members comprise the firefighting members of the Elsmere Fire Department. They are entitled to a variety of benefits and must meet certain requirements/qualifications. Some Benefits Available to Active Members are:

  • Length of Service Award Program (LOSA)
  • Life Insurance
  • Volunteer Firefighter Benefit Law (VFBL) Insurance similar to Workers’ Compensation,
  • Accident & Sickness (Line of Duty) Benefit
  • Free Annual Physicals
  • Reimbursement for Physical Fitness Gym Membership. Some Requirements of Active Members are:
  • Successful Completion of an Entry Physical and Annual Physicals Thereafter
  • Must Reside or Work in the Elsmere Fire District Active Membership Response Area and Be Available to Respond to Emergencies,
  • Attendance at Weekly Training Exercises Usually Conducted on Tuesday Evenings at 7:00pm (20 Out of 52 Drills Required Annually),
  • Attendance at Fire Company Business Meetings Usually Conducted on the Last Thursday of Each Month (50% Attendance Required Annually),
  • Completion of an In-House Basic Initial Training Program,
  • Completion of a 120-Hour NYS Basic Exterior Firefighter Operations/SCBA Interior Firefighter Operations Course,
  • Expected to Serve on Fire Company Activity Committees.

Social Members are individuals who have an interest in the Fire Department and support the activities of the Fire Department whenever possible. They do not respond to emergencies and are not involved in Training activities. Social members can participate in many of the other, non-emergency activities that Active Members do. Social Members are assessed Annual Dues ($15) to Help Support Activities of the Fire Company.

Explorer Post Members are individuals between the age of 14 years and 17 years who have an interest in the fire service and would like to learn about firefighting with the possibility of joining the fire service when they reach the appropriate age. They do participate in age appropriate supervised training, but do not respond to emergencies.