Explorer Post 30 Members Clear Hydrants for Fire Safety

Members of the Elsmere Fire Company A, Inc. Explorer Post 30 were busy recently digging out fire hydrants that were burried in recent heavy snowfalls.

All residents are encouraged to keep hydrants on and near their property clear of snow. Depending on the consistency of long standing snow, it can take significant time to clear a hydrant in order to make it usable in an emergency. Hydrants should be cleared for several feet all around the hydrant to allow firefighters to connect large diameter hoses. Proper hydrant maintenance can mean the difference between a quick fire stop and significant damage, and safety of firefighters and residents.

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The Explorer Post 30 is sponsored by the Elsmere Fire Company. Young people between the ages of thirteen and eighteen are introduced to and learn about the volunteer fire service and are provided an important opportunity to serve the community.

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